Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Kat Prescott

Although I can get stressed, I know my job is perfect when I get to spend days hanging out @ The Sanderson Hotel's Penthouse Suite on Berners Street W1.

I rocked up to the hotel, where Tomo Kembery was in full swing of making his first mini video/film. I helped dress up some gorgeous girls in some sexy Agent Provocateur and then sent them on their way!
Also on set was my favourite band 'The Ruskins' and their manager Ed.
The Sanderson Penthouse was amazing, in fact the whole hotel was stunningly original, made of glass and draped in curtains it was very serene and cool. The lift was fab and looked like something out of the science museum, all dark and covered inside like space!
I then got to go in a private lift all the way to the penthouse! I was practically hyperventilating with excitement!
The hotel was gorgeous and I very much enjoyed having a nap whilst everyone went of to film in the lovely double bed!
I was really there to style Kat Prescott who plays Emily Fitch in E4 SKINS which starts its next series in late Jan/early Feb.
We went for a mixture of 80's Madonna and a bit of Urban Casual. So there were jeans, leather jackets, skater skirts and plenty of tulle! We had beautiful and quirky jewellery from, a stunning frock from Core Spirit, Jeans from Baby Phat and Applebottoms and 80's inspired pieces from Beyond Retro and Topshop

Here is Kat in Core Spirit, having the final touches put to her hair by Simon Webster, with Make Up artist Martina Luisetti in the corner there who did gorgeous red lips on a now dark haired Kat, it was perfect!

Kat was lovely to work with, so professional, yet bubbly and stunning at the same time. 
Also spotted on the shoot was fellow cast member Luke Pasqualino (SKINS - Freddie) who stopped by to say hi to Kat and The Ruskins.

Hey, it's just the way we roll!

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