Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bleu is Back and she is interviewing BOBBY LONG!

Bobby Long 23year old dreamboat! 
Bobby is a extremely talented singer/songwriter.
That by chance one of his songs ended up on the huge hit movie Twilight - but aside from Twilight he's now working with grammy award winning producers who have worked with the likes of the White Stripes, this dude is a captivating storyteller. 
The imagery he portrays leaves you wanting more yet feeling so fragile and attached.
For my pure delight I got to catch up with the GORGEOUS Bobby for a quick interview. 
He's flawlessly polite and intriguing. 
But this well mannered charming man portrays all of this and more through his beautiful music. 
So lets see what Bobby has to say about touring, fans, fame and more!!!
So we head over to a cafe on greys Inn road for a quick cuppa tea! ( since i hear you fans like to no bizarre things he drinks black coffee) 
So Bobby what are you up to at the moment - now your back in the UK?
I'm going back to the New York in a few days back on tour, so i'm excited for that. I just recorded with Liam Watson of the White Stripes that was amazing. But you know i really love being in the studio, i do enjoy being on tour. Buts its nice to be working with other musicians rather than being out there on my own. I really enjoy it.
If you were a superhero what would your name be and what would your skills be?
After spending 5 mins pondering over this desperately coming up with something - Nothing he couldn't come up with anything!!
What's been your highlights of this year so far? 
Going to american and being on tour. Well just doing music as a full time job is amazing.
If you could pick anyone who would be your mistletoe kiss?
Monica Bellucci - I have a bit of thing for her :)
Where can we catch you playing soon?
On my USA tour - (there's some amazing gigs in New York and LA)
Who would you kiss, marry and avoid out of - Kate Moss - Kate Winslet and Katy Perry
Oh I would Avoid Kate Moss, Marry Kate Winslet ( She has a farm right?) and kiss Katy Perry.
What inspires your Music and lyrics?
Well musically - i love country music/Folk and Bluesy stuff. Raw simple and honest.
Lyrically - storytelling, use of words and i like how they look on a page.
What's your favourite pass time?
I love watching films, Westerns and Reading.
Who's your Favourite W.W.E wrestler?
The rock - That's crap Bobby mines the Arctic Warrior!!
What's are the craziest things fans have done?
Loads of things - They bring me loads of gifts. Like a girl in San Fran brought me a hamper full of food. 
And i mentioned once in an interview that i liked french pate and then loads of girls turned up with it! (good way not to have to pop to Tesco's ;) )
What is your favourite snack?
Marmite (so girls go out and by loads! ) 
What are your goals?
I want to establish a long career from this. Play good shows and make good records.
So girls 5 ways to get in Bobby's good books/Pants -
1- Buy him Marmite
2- Take him to Memphis
3- Play loads of country/folk music
4 - Take him so a western movie
5- Fly to france get him proper good french Pate :D



  2. OH MY GOD!! to have been in that cafe!!!

    Hes so beautiful! Blue i wish i was you!

    Was he as gorgeous as he in my dreams ?

    Bth Lxxx


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