Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Romeo Pires

Romeo Pires was all about the shirt. You know when you are at uni, doing fashion, there is always a 'shirt' project, the one where you have to re-invent and play with the classic white garment! Well it seems for 2010, Pires did just that!
It was all about exaggerated, twisted and over-sized shirts. Distorted construction, cape styles, shirt dresses and shirts that became playsuits. Whether they were cotton or chiffon prints, there was no mistaking the inspiration.
I liked some of the cutting techniques used, especially the circular patterns that combined sleeves and back as one. Something I have seen previously at Nico's A/W 09 show. This technique creates interesting folds and drapery and worked really well in the chiffon. 
Prints were very abstract, with an almost Pop Art feel to them. Concentrating on primary colours and monochrome tones.
Favourite model : Ullah from D1 Models
Shoes : Flat Brogues in several hues.

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