Friday, 18 September 2009

Editor @ Large Ashley Isham

I've always loved Ashley Isham, as it says what it does on the tin! These are always the most perfet red carpet dresses and if I was taller and slimmer I would definitely invest!
Front row saw Margarita Taylor and possible Michelle Williams (wasn't sure) from Destiny's Child take their places for the sparkly and chiffon filled extravaganza!
There were the usual, perfectly cut, one shoulder dresses, there was the most gorgeous puckering detailing to accentuate the derriere and of courser drapery, knots and twists that played elegantly with chiffon and silk!
Colour palette consisted of teal, aqua, royal blue and a host of paint splatter safari prints in eye popping fuschia, orange and green! There was fabulous appliques and surface decorations, this man knows how to rock a crystal or two!
There were also some more 'day wear' floral, abstract prints in autumn hues, but there is no denying that Isham knows how to make the perfect dress. We love the modern use of laser cutting fabric to create the perfect frock. No one twists, knots and drapes fabric like him!

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