Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Jeremy Scott

I'm more familiar with Scott's work via Adidas, so I was quite excited to see the 'stand alone' show. There was a pretty good front row which included Erin O'Connor, Jodie Harsh and lots of people that were being snapped out of my eye line! :-(
The show had a 'wild life theme' with a very 'Flinstone' style to it. The prints were all animal inspired versions of leopard and tiger prints with a cartoon edge to them. They came in hues of bright green, hot pink, yellow and orange and this was definitely bright and fun.
The actual silhouettes sometime got lost in translation, but I loved the full skirted shirt dresses, the wrap dresses and jackets with over-sized collars (and fastened with a bone!). Shift dresses were definitely du jour and I loved the jagged edged hems, very 'wild'.
There were fur animal print party dresses in florescent hues with sweet heart necklines, tulip skirts, high waist, body con pencil skirts and very eighties style, acid wash denim shorts. Menswear was shown too and while mainly the boys had to contend with slashed edged hems and printed shirts, the fashionista's couldn't help but chuckle at the one-piece mankini, with asymmetric shoulder strap - even Erin O'Connor was smirking away!
I loved the leather print jackets that came both cropped and waist length versions with sleeves and sleeveless, dropped armholes.
The collection was huge and I think the second to last section in pale pink, with white print really showed off Scott's actual skill as a designer, rather than just someone who can create wacky, kooky pieces. This section had fabulous, off the wall biker jackets, beautifully cut, high-waisted, full skater skirts and a wicked cropped tux jacket.
What I loved the most though is knowing that it is only in London that such experimentation and creativity is embraced!


  1. Jeremy Scptt is the most OVERRATED joke and a total insult to not only fashion but anything of remotely good taste...admittedly he sells a "bad taste" image on purpose but at the end of the day, besides the pathetic fashion followers who like Scott because he has somehow weasled his way into certain connected circles, he should just go back to bumfuck Idaho or wherever it is he crawled out of because that's the reality of the level of any cultural significance he will ever have.

  2. Hey Anonymous thanks for the comment, I was giggling away in the back of my cab from the fash off party!
    Firstly I saw the collection and the pattern cutting was good,
    Secondly naturally there was a lot of fluffy pieces in his collection but there were some great bits in there and its kinda fun to have something a bit wacky, Fashion isn't all about the perfect 'yawn' trench or 'yawn' LBD stop being such a fashion fascist!
    Thirdly - No swearing on the blog!
    Fourthly - Are you a lil bit jealous that you aren't as well connected as he is coz I'm feeling a lil bit of anger and jealously? Struggling designer?
    Fifth and final - His Adidas collection is wicked

  3. LOVE THIS !! WE LOVE THE 80s :) read our take on it here: http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/21/eighties-uber-alles/


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