Sunday, 20 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . LFW! Party!

OMG, I'm exhausted and I've hardly 'done' fashion week!
I skipped off to Harriets Muse tonight at VFS, Loving the new collection! My favourite piece is a black jumpsuit, with ruching at the ankles and pleats in wife beater fabric down the front! The little puff sleeves in wife beater net is also so totally randomly fabulous! There was as you'd expect some great bodice and body con pieces too!

Having had some Pimms and checked in on the make up party down the hall, we moved the scene on to the POUT / Nineteen74 / Schon party at private members bar 'Adams' on Adams Street! It is such a crazy cool cave down there! I totally loved it and the tunes were amazing! While it did cost £20 for a bottle of vino! (having said that it was top notch plonk!) It was a fab party in the best location! Loving your work Miggy! There was a social drinking room, a dark dancing room (we partied right by the decks) and the more sedate, quiet room, where people were mingling while looking at pages of Schon Magazine that had been plastered on the wall and floor. 

We then hoped in a cab and headed to the Mulberry Party! This was held round the corner from The Mayfair Hotel (which is where i'd like to live!) We hoped in for a while, the main party seemed to be taking part in the back room, though bizarrely the bar was huge but all the fashion peeps had rammed themselves into this one small space!
After a couple we decided to call it a night and headed off to find Cabs, Busses and general life! Tomorrow is a busy day and fashion waits for no woman!

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