Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . PAaaarty!

Having watched as many shows as my brain could take, it was definitely time for a drink!
So having met up with the girls from ANGEL JACKSON - the most fabulous handbags! I had to go for a drink with them!
We headed to 17 Berkeley Street (the bar seems to have no name) where the Christopher Kane after party was happening. Having decided to be oh so 'Sex and the City' I settled on a Cosmo and we circled the room.
In doing so, I made not one but two fashion faux pas. As we know Cosmo's come in those fab martini glasses, which become less great in crowded spaces and as someone backed into me (only to soak up some of my drink) I almost stumbled in front of video interview with Christopher Kane himself! Thank goodness Heels grabbed my arm! The shame! I would've been banished from fashion forever! Needless to say I was forced to sit down!
Oh dear! Well it was a fab evening of gin and tonics and gossip and aside from Kane there was vogue.com and Mark Frith ex-editor of HEAT magazine, which for a gossip lover like me was an extra special moment. By the time I fell into bed past one I was already thinking about getting up for more shows! Sigh, Life of a fashionista!

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