Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editor @ Large . . . BodyAmr

It feels like forever since yesterday morning! Fashion week is tailing off, which is always demonstrated by the nearly non existent supplies of Vitamin Water and Evian! The Red Bull is in full swing and the sunglasses have got bigger and bigger as the week progresses, bags under the eyes are so not fashion darling!

So Monday morning saw me head to the BODYAMR presentation. I'm fairly familiar with their work, but I have to admit they hadn't fully entered my life. . . until yesterday!
The presentation, as the PR told me, was not about the clothes themselves but the emotions they evoke to the wearer and identifying who the BodyAmr girl is, I SOOOO want to be a BodyAmr girl!The video showed a gorgeous model travelling the USA and heading through the bright lights of Las Vegas in a convertible, staying in motels and dancing in the Nevada dessert, so very me, so very trendy.
The collection itself was housed in a room down the hall and it was enough to nearly make me weep with joy. Everyone knows I love a bit of drapery, but the silk jersey tops, skirts and playsuits floored me. The quality of the silk jersey was like molten butter, it twisted, dropped and fell so beautifully. 
I loved the introduction of sequin embellishment as the jersey picked up the light beautifully which made each piece shine. The rich colour palette of aqua, golds and peachy/nude was divine! Asymmetric playsuits, floor length dresses that would make any celebrity an instant hit and shorter cocktail lengths made this a beautiful, bold, different collection. I'm in love!

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  1. Every season Bodyamr gets even better and better!


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