Monday, 20 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week

Flats and I rocked up to AFW today, being held all week at Spitalfield Market. Armed with press passes, I was looking forward to taking a pew to watch some new talent. Unfortunately there was no real press section and while I am supposed to be covering the shows for various publications, I wasn't able to get to the seated area to have a decent enough view. We were pretty peeved by the lack of organisation and Flats almost had a fight with some random chick. The problem with holding free outdoor shows is that it becomes a tourist attraction and lets face it, its actually all about the press!
We eventually found 'Ginger', a photography pal of mine who had a genius, high up view point, so we finally got a birds-eye-view of the show. 
The high points of the show were sky high and the low points were scrapping the barrel low. But the true star of the day was Aaron Ray Dowie, a fantastic, menswear tailor. We loved his country chic tailoring! The dress coats were divine and perfectly executed. Dowie, who currently freelances for some major brands and has worked on Savile Row is definitely one to watch! More interviews, reviews and pics to come . . .

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