Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Fashion Update

I went into Topshop to have a look at the new Moss range and as I suspected my hopes were dashed when I got my paws on the latest offering. The dress that in images looks just like a Missoni rip off was unfortunately flimsy cotton in a ditzy floral print that hardly set the world alight. The were a couple of decent vests but overall boring and uninspiring. The rails were crammed with products, long gone are the days of 'minutes to sell out'. 

Personally I think people are saving their pennies for the much anticipated arrival of Matthew Williamson's H&M  range and quite frankly I don't blame them. It looks like its going to be hot, hot, hot! I am for the first time in my life considering (only considering mind you) joining the throngs to get my mitts on some!
THe much awaited 'Feather Dress' that has been rocked by both Nicky Hilton and Katie Perry is sure to disappear the moment it reaches the shop floor. While the cobalt blue suit is so on trend it actually hurts! Meanwhile I am lusting after this sequined tunic (below) and am also partial to a maxi dress! This selection is great because it feels so MW and so has great direction, having said the H & M mainline is looking pretty damn awesome right now too! So hop to it! - i'll see you in the queue for MW!

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