Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 2

I am loving this summer sun! (Bleu) Flats and I turned up ridiculously early to nab front row seats, then tried to act fashion cool, lets be honest, when are fashionistas early! Flats opted for a truly summer, candy stripe play-suit while I somehow ended up in head to toe black?! Having not been blown away yesterday, we weren't expecting too much today. But we were proved wrong! There was tones of redeemable things today. 
It started with fabulously, purple, swingy, velvet coats by Hackney College. They had big sleeves, oversized collars and military and Victorian detailing. 
Other things worthy of note were Penny Baker's jersey creations, surrealist shoulders, panelling and general awesomeness that was very Sports Luxe with a futuristic edge; Sarah Punter's 'concealed and revealed' collection that had delicate prints, sheer panelling and spectacular slashed and shredded fabrics. It reminded us of a cross between the latest Jil Sander and Louise Amstrup collections. Futuristic, modern and unstated cool. Menswear was a treat too and our new crush is with Nelly George Hipkin

Her fun and fierce collection had a 50's come 80's vibe. There were polka dots, fluorescent acid, plastic macs and the most wackiest of man bags. Colour was clashed, prints were loud and cuts were excellent and perfectly mixed the traditional with the out there, for the most dapper and showy of gentlemen. Pics, interviews and further reports to follow!

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