Monday, 27 April 2009

Flats Tells Us . . . Eastbourne Festival

Eastbourne Festival – Sun, sea, chips and Music.

Unlike Brighton (a cool hip trendy costal town) Eastbourne, is a granny infested, lifeless, seaside resort.
The festival itself was held at the Winter Gardens, which on arrival looked like a old mans social club – only to realise it was HUGE venue with the fans filing every inch of the space.
Waltzing around trying to work out how to work my bloody camera, I bumped into Zane Lowe outside his dressing room; we had a brief chat before we went off to have a sneaky fag in the backstage smoking area, where the conversation turned away from work to many interesting stories and escapades.
The bands really stepped up and impressed the huge crowd, 'The Joy Formidable' wowed everybody with her intense performance and catchy lyrics; while 'Data Select Party' encouraged all the Indie kids to get their dancing shoes on.

'The Maccabees' hit the stage, and this is when the crowd seriously went WILD! With Hundreds of fans pushing and shoving their way to the front, they started their set. Know them or not – they are an incredible band to see live. There were 50+ people crowd surfing; teen fans running up on stage and like true pro's the band kept it all together! With Orlandos beautiful vocals the set was perfect and the new material is their best yet!
The crowd loved it – the security were even dancing along and bobbing their heads!


  1. "Unlike Brighton (a cool hip trendy costal town) Eastbourne, is a granny infested, lifeless, seaside resort." Best thing i have seen written anywhere in a long time well done flats!

    simon x

  2. Well, Flats. What a shame you didn't have a good look round Eastbourne after the Wish Tower gig. Far from being a granny infested lifeless seaside resort, Eastbourne has plenty to offer and unlike Brighton (a hip and trendy but seedy and dirty coastal town), it's clean and the people are nicer. Give us a shout next time when you're in town and we will show you the other side of Eastbourne you clearly didn't see.

  3. flats here - well i would love to acatully see what eastbourne is really like!
    So flossie! keep reading my blogs and il tell you when im coming down ;) enjoy sunshine x


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