Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Movida

Right now, I have to say I am pretty pissed, so any spelling or grammatical errors, well quite frankly, YOU try blogging while under the influence! (There should be laws against it quite frankly.)
Tonight one of my favourite hot new designers, Manjit Deu, threw a shindig at Movida, well actually they threw it for him, so after a few drinks in the trendy Phoenix pub, the fashion crowd headed over to Movida.
The 'WAG style' ladies, were quite intimidating and unfortunately we lost Brogues to illness, she looked hot but felt crap! We were also without Flats, and Heels (see I promised I'd get you in there!) was no where to be seen!In fact we were positively shoe-less! But we vowed to go on and party.
Once inside, I have to say I was astounded. The club was huge, the drinks pricey (but tasty) and the girls, well lets be honest, a little bit tacky. It was Cheryl Cole, mixed with Council Estate Chic, but if thats your bag then head on down! Naturally the fashion crowd were cooler and we boogied away to free cocktails (a bit crap tbh) and good 70' disco. 
I even spotted DAVID WALLIAMS dancing and getting his leg up on the bar (tres flexible!). There was also KATE MOSS  - (spotted by my Buttons! - well done, we all doubted!)
 who was dressed in a full sequined, structured, shoulder number, by Shaun Leane . . .

 (she was also trying to desperately get her leg up on the bar)
Oh and an extremely pissed off JODIE HARSH in a fab sequin hoodie, who was marching around looking ready to punch someone!
Music was a perfect mix of old school and chart topping songs, to keep everyone on their feet! Buttons, Ginger and I, indulged in cocktails & partied hard, but apparently only I got pissed! 
Worthy of mention were the two, hot, body popping boys, who put their suited and booted counter parts to shame, with their dance moves (money isn't everything!) and . . . The chav-tastic chick in a mini, denim-print skirt and knitted halter neck top, seriously luv, 1990 is so not hot right now!
But all in all, to fit into Movida, takes a certain type of girl . . . and lets just say . . .
'I'd rather eat cake, than wear to much Fake Bake!'


  1. amazing, that dress is so stunning.

  2. i'd say kate moss looks tackier then those essex type girls ur tlking about in that cheap looking sequin dress!
    also i go to movida and do not consider myself to be that "certain type of girl" so what ur saying isnt really true...


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