Monday, 27 April 2009

Flats ... Chats to Felix White

Felix White – The Maccabees interview

Felix: can we go outside so I can smoke?

Bleu: Yes, but you're not stealing my cigarettes again! Ha-ha, If you were a super hero what would your super hero name be?

Felix: Oh I would be Pants Man, Do you watch the apprentice? I watched it last week and for   there task they came up with pants man! That would so be mine.

Bleu: Who do you think the best British band is at the moment?

Felix: That’s hard ohhh umm (he rambles for a several minutes) I think 'Pete and The Pirates'    are really awesome and there totally underestimated.

Bleu: I totally agree majorly under-estimated the new material is sick to.

Felix: Yeah, it is, 'The Joyformidable' were ace tonight the girl is really good! WAIT NO! The best band is defiantly 'I am Kloot' (whole band agree).

Bleu: Kate Moss, Kate Winslet and Katie Perry . . . KISS? MARRY? AVOID?

Felix: I would defiantly avoid Katie Perry
Bleu: Why? 
Felix: Because she’s naturally a pretty girl, but, like, she’s not sexy, but if I saw her in a pub, I would think she was nice looking.
Bleu: Would you chat her up?
Felix: Oh god no! I don’t do the whole chat up lines thing ha-ha! But, I would, Marry - Kate Winlset, as she would be a bloody good wife. I would Kiss - Kate Moss, as everybody should have a chance to.

Bleu: Favourite hobby?

Felix: I really enjoy eating Pistachio nuts! (He and Zane Lowe go on about how it’s more enjoyable to eat the more difficult nuts to open).

Bleu: Do you prefer recording or being on tour?

Felix: That’s a weird one. I love being on tour, but get bored or tired of one and want to do the other. Tour starts again in May, such a big one to. More dates being added to the tour.

Bleu: Favourite snack?

Felix: Oh! you get an avocado, cut it in half (he looks so excited about sharing his skills),  sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper, squeeze some lemon and voila it's yummy!

Bleu: Check you out, little chef! When am I coming for dinner then?

Felix: I can cook a mean roast too, I'm getting well into cooking.

Bleu: Your favourite wrestler WWF not WWE?

Felix: Oh that’s hardcore man, but defiantly The Arctic Warrior! I think we've done pretty   good here, Anymore?

Just some emails I received from fans I picked out some facts . . . 

**Felix received 72 marriage proposals, the most out of the band, as Orlando, Hugo and Rupert only got 50 each!
**There were 100+ inappropriate sexual comments for Felix and Orlando

Felix: Ha-Ha, really?! I bet I wouldn’t even know what half 0f them where suggesting!” It would be like what does that mean? How do you do that? Haha! But the marriage proposals, keep those details, as I am getting on a bit and may need to keep those in mind. 

Felix winks and wonders of into the night.



  1. that is so good - just got this of the maccabees myspace - what a good blog il tell all my friends! Bleu more interveiws please :D

    Dom and Sam

  2. I love that your not asking the normal questions that people ask them! I saw this link on there facebook! I didnt make it to the festival - so gutted even more so now! But i guess i wouldnt have met them anyway! oh and ace blog il be checking in everyday!

    sophia marie evans

  3. what an awesome interview Fairy m'dear. I'm loving how charismatic you both are in this; its really familiar :)
    tres bien!

    p.s. (make sure you keep a fag free if I need to nick one haha)

  4. '(He and Zane Lowe go on about how it’s more enjoyable to eat the more difficult nuts to open).'

    i think you'll find it was me and felix who said it was hard to open some of them
    this is such a false interview

  5. I will have words with Bleu! False facts tsk tsk. Whoever said it though, it's so true, as I read it, I found myself nodding in agreement!

  6. Good interview! Loved the fact the band stole cigarettes from Bleu! Have to say i was impressed! I told people at N.D about this! Now you know who i am (anonymous my arse)
    In the worfds of Bleu "check you out!"

  7. Omg, I don't know who you are, i'm so out the loop!

  8. oh darling i know who you are! 'check you out' haha! kissess xx

  9. answers dont show up

  10. where are the answers to these questions????


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