Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 4

Today saw, what was, over all a fairly decent day of fashion. Though I must admit nothing floored me, on the whole, we felt that most collections deserved applause and seeing my call sheet littered with notations and scribbles, I obviously felt that there was a lot to take down!
Cherrie Camplin kicked off the excitement factor with her incredibly well constructed, structural and sculptural collection. Though the colours were at time, headache inducing. The outlandish collars, sleekly draped jumpsuits and pleat detailing, made up for some scary fabric choices. There has been far too much in the way of holographic fabric this week, it is however, just, so, Halloween! Not my dears, a fashion look!
Holly Dutton then carried on the weeks theme, for vintage, nostalgia and child inspired collections with a muted, coffee cream look that was very RTW. We loved the styling of knee high socks, very Pollyanna.
Rosie Boycott Brown's collection did not start well but, by the end Bleu Flats and I were OBSESSED with her knitting needle accessorised, patch work dresses, just so original, quirky and cool!
Our special mention however, goes to . . . Lucy Majerski for her beautiful grey and powdered pink collection, that was both rock chick couture, with a softer, more feminine edge. We loved the cuts on the floaty dresses and added the pink, structured, biker jacket to our wish lists!

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