Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Party Time Again!

Having spent all morning watching the shows, scouting for up and coming talent, we went back to Bleu Flats, to rifle through her draws. This was not an episode of 'What to Wear', but more a case of, 'What Not To Wear'. . . and as a trained personal stylist, I was only to happy to rugby tackle Bleu Flats to the floor to relinquish some hideous, fashion faux pas from her paws! 

We headed over to town to hit up the latest fashion party, this time taking us to a little known store on D'Arbly street, that belongs to our favourite, Italian, fashionista, Nico D. Nico D (who's Fash-Pack interview will go live shortly), designs both menswear and women's wear, tonight hosted a little shindig to display his collections. As usual, we came, we saw, we pouted, we conquered! Oh and naturally had a chat and drink too. 
Nico's summer collection, housed some brilliant dresses, really A-Lister glam!

Obviously one fashion party is never enough, so we popped into the Lazy Oaf, drawing party in Kingly Court. All I can say is, FUN FUN FUN! With professional illustrators making master pieces on the walls, with little more than felt tip pens, the mere mortals were left to make little A5 pics, that were then stuck up on the wall. We blatantly scammed the chance to spread the fash-pack name and scribbled our name up everywhere.

Well that's it for now, plenty of pics over the weekend, plus some of the best band interviews EVER done!

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