Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Alternative Fashion Week Day 3

How long are we going to have glorious sunshine for? This is all just too exciting! It does however signal that we will probably have rain all of June, July and August! 
But, back to AFW! Today was yet again a stunning array of new design talent. Yes there were some items that should of stayed packed away, but on the whole, it seemed that yesterday was about the wow factor, today concentrated more on fabulous wearability combining quirky details, cuts and prints.   
Our favourite collection today came from German designer, Lisa Hoffman. Lisa is actually an old university pal of mine, but don't think I'm being biased! Lisa and I did our LCF Art and Design course together and not only was she a funny and fabulous drinking partner, she is an incredibly smart and kooky designer.
She combined light mint green, coral and black to create an off beat but wearable collection. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, shift dresses and shirts featured fabulous prints of teapots and spoons. Trousers were wide, with great front pleating and jackets had nicely rounded yet sculptured shoulders. 
The jewellery was actually to die for, with salad bowl inspired, giant bangle, toast rack bracelets and spoon and abstract perspex necklaces showed off what a cohesive and well styled collection it was. 
Our favourite pieces were the teapot print dress and the multi spoon print, full skirt. 

In fact, Bleu Flats was so inspired that I am currently trying to convince her that wearing a saucepan as a hat is so not going to cut it tomorrow (but each to their own!).
Pics to follow 

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