Sunday, 19 September 2010

Spijkers en Spijkers

Interesting show from Spijkers. The main palette of the show was black, white and camel with print and fuschia for touches of colour. Plenty of straight lines and a more masculine look but touches of lace gave a feminine edge. Models hair were loose with defined waves and make up was nude with a pretty pink lip. After plenty of high waisted shorts and high waisted pilattsos in camel, the show got interesting as Spijkers displayed black jewelled buttons on camel frock coats and a-line tunics. Following this, the collection became really feminine with plenty of pinafores and daisy print dresses. Contrasting textures were used creating a slightly patchwork look. The palette took a turn from the nude one it was before to a brighter crisp white, yellow and fuschia. The prints on dresses appeared to be cut fruits but easily looked floral from a distance. Lace bustiers were teamed with pilattsos again and also featured on dresses incorporating the whole underwear to outerwear into this very prim and proper collection on the whole. Key points from Spijkers: lace and daisy print!
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