Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fashion Fringe

So finally, what everyone has been waiting for, Fashion Fringe along with John Galliano arrived at Covent Garden. A very sleek and efficient entrance was granted to everyone with a reception of champagne until the show started. Finally at about quarter to 8, were allowed downstairs to take our seats. Less people than I expected but I wasn't complaining as I held on to my front row seat for dear life. They finally announced that they were starting. As Keisha, ex sugababe and Nicola from girls aloud were taken to their seats. Up first was Alice Palmer with a fantastic collection of knitwear in a palette of khakis, stone, indigo and greys along with haphazard pleating. A complete collection of both long and short dresses but all looking just as stunning as one another. Alice did an excellent job of having a dress where its upper clang to the body yet the bottom stood away without compromising on the pleated detail. I personally wanted her to win as I'm sure you guessed. Following Alice was Jacob Allen who went for a lighter palette of pastels pinks, oranges, butterscotches and sky blue. Chiffon was his top material and draping was his top detail, admittedly he created some stunning pieces with evidence of slight grecian inspirations. His collection also consisted of mostly dresses in both tall and short form. Models looked like pretty princesses. Lastly was Corrie Nielson who had the most couture collection of them all. She displayed really innovative designs that were almost fairy tale like. Her palette was very versatile but the tones remained muted. She experimented with shapes of the female silhouette with forming huge shoulders and very, very pronounced rear ends. I couldn't help but looking at the model and be reminded of Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet or other characters from my childhood. Understandably and very well deserved John Galliano announced Corrie Nielson the winner. As winner she recieves something like £100 000 pounds and is on main schedule for next time. I love that after they announce the winner, they hand out boxes of wagamamas for you to nibble on and have pre made alcoholic drinks for you to down. Fashion fringe just knew how to please us to a T.
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