Friday, 17 September 2010

Bunmi Koko

To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from Koko and when the first theatrical piece came out (a man dressed as a giant pompom), I won't lie, we were damn right scared!! But once that was over the collection that followed was incredible and quite frankly left us a little bit speechless, we'd already seen several 'on schedule shows' but it was this that left us gobsmacked!
Shoulders had structural, upside down triangles built in, like oversized drapes and folds. Draped skirt sides and wrap over tulip shapes ensured that the separate skirts and dresses fitted with the mood of this coming season, but were so well executed they stood out a mile.
The style and theme was 'warrior' and when Kanye's 'Love Lockdown' played at the end I was not at all surprised, it fitted with the music video style and the models were accessorised in feathered masks.
Each dress had so much detailing, yet none of it felt overdone. I loved the striped back panels that combined ribbon and sheer.
Trousers were total cigarette pant style. Super slim leg, teamed with the oversized shoulder drape jackets that fitted snuggly at the waist were great. The balance really worked.
I loved the colour palette too. This was mainly used to create bold, graphic prints. Red/white/black and chocolate/cream and ochre were the order of the day and the distorted graphics were gorgeous.
Smaller pompoms were used on shoulders and as wrist adornments and looked fun without being comical.
By far the favourite show of the day!
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