Monday, 20 September 2010

Romeo Pires

Back to Vauxhall fashion scout for Romeo Pires shoot which had an interesting start. Footsteps... I'm thinking this pays reference to the dance movements that were around in the 20's with collection that clearly was inspired or themed with mime. Both male and female models had faces painted white (typical mime make up) with brushed back frizzy hair. I'm not sure if Romeo was experimenting with gender because minus the odd few tunics and couple of dresses, everything else in the collection could be worn by either man or woman. Footsteps had stopped now and we was listening to proper music when models in pairs graced the catwalk. A very neutral palette with a lot of white, creams, blacks and splashes of colour from prints with olive, rose pink and terracotta. Nice easy styles were seen at first with loosely fitted pantaloons held up by braces matched with ivory brogues and oversized linen shirts. This progressed into an even more less gender constructed collection with draping throughout shirts and trousers. Cuts were sharp and angular forming sculptural like pieces with draping adding softer lines. There were some contrasting textures with shirts looking like they were made out of what only I can describe as: paper mache. This calm palette progressed into prints of paint brushes forming stars on tunics and shirts to skulls arranged in a bowl like fruit all over dresses and shirts for men. Skulls were olive and digitalised onto black silk where's as the paintsbrushes were terracotta and were on pebble coloured shirts and tunics. Towards the end of the collection we graced with swing music where pleating now became a staple. Pleated seams along trousers and shorts for men and throughout shirts for women replaced the drapery return to a once again sharp and hard look. I'm not quite sure what to make of this collection but I do know that the brogues the models wore were my favourite piece... Ooops.
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