Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Adam Entwisle

So its the last show at the on/off space at Victoria House..(Tear) but luckily we was sent out in style. A small pre drinks party was layed on with platters of fake pigs heads, chickens and cider of various flavours. Don't worry, the cider was real. So as the we all sip vigourously on our drinks hoping that by the time we are finished we won't feel the blisters we've gained from the last 3 days at Fashion Week, we had the chance to watch and listen to Marner Brown play live their debut single 'Dirty Weekend'. After rocking it out for a while, we are all escorted to our seats. Fashpacker team had best seats in the house quite frankly but its too difficult to explain where, just trust us on this one. Graced by a schwarzkopf goody bag filled with an apron, recipe book and some cadbury's nibbles, despite the fact the fashion hadn't even been seen yet, the crowd seemed to be pretty happy. Catwalk protective film is pulled back by on/staff in socks so that they don't ruin it themselves and revealed is a shiny silver reflective catwalk. Now we are well chuffed. The music starts and the first thing I noticed on the models was their amazing beehives. A beehive tends to be to an extent round, however these beehives came to a point and put the high in hives! Panning my eyes further down I see asymetric cotton dresses in white and camel with red interior. Dresses fell away from the body allowing movement and making the red interior make sense. There were some jumpsuits that were straight and loose in fit hanging from the shoulders yet belted at the waist giving a bit of curve so the verticle lines. Cap sleeves were nice feminine touches. There were some flowing dresses of lilac and cream bubble print with asymmetric detail, as well as long chiffon dresses appropriate for evening. Unfortunately, despite the build up, once I had seen the first few outfits of the collection, I felt I had seen it all. There was something typically uniform about the collection that unfortunately made me loose interest. Some really wearable pieces but the best thing for me was the shiny catwalk.
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