Wednesday, 22 September 2010


So its about 5 to 5pm and fashpack are thinking we ought to start queueing for Ashish. The queue runs suprisingly smoothly and were in the showspace in less than ten minutes. We bag our favourite location to take the best pictures and have the best view and then.. CHAOS. Soon the seats fill up.. And then the standing.. And then the aisles. They was letting in so many people that the aisles were doubled up. We had to get a little authoritive and ask people to sit on the steps because we couldn't see anything anymore.. Literally, the world went dark. Finally the room is hushed and the chaos is calmed, the plastic is pulled back off the runway and the show begins!
The first model walks out with seriously straight hair, cowboy hat, tan cowboy boots and a leapord print halterneck dress and red bandanna. Of course its made all out sequins. This is then followed by. Another halterneck dress however this girl is rocking hers with a feathered head dress. So from straight off the cuff I'm thinking Wild wild west. However, there were some other features that made me think that were some other references that inspired this collection. Following the halterneck dresses were cowboy shirts with tan trousers with fringing on the seam confirming the Wild Wild West inspiration. Then a contrasting fabric was introduced to compare to the sequin textures. This was jersey cotton sweatshirts with track bottoms in grey with bandanna print. Models wore this with base ball caps and I couldn't help think of american football. Reinforcing the wild wild west feel were micro denim shorts with check shirts in orange, blue and complete sequins of course followed with dark denim jackets with chain fringing rocking up this specific look. Patchwork style jumpsuits and dresses were seen with prints of spots, leapord, check with fringed seams and necklines. Both looks were work with either feathers in hair or base ball caps. A nice collection of draped low back dresses hit the runway looking the most easiest and wearable of all the looks. These came in a variety of prints including the patchwork look. A contrasting array of oversized sequined rugby shirts were worn with casual trousers of the bandana print. This was a really interesting look as most people consider a complete sequined outfit to be a more dressy look, slightly evening however Ashish toned this down and took sequins from night to day. I have to say that I loved the music for the collection. Probably a lot more 'ghetto' compared to all the other genres we've heard so far with its hard hitting drums, bass and bashment beats but it got the crowd going. The finale pieces were long evening style no sleeved dresses with tan fringing running vertically along the back of the dress to the floor. An excellent way to make an evening dress something different than just a dress for evening.
A masterclass of how to wear sequins. Thankyou Ashish!
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