Sunday, 19 September 2010

Basso and Brooke

Its 9am on a sunday morning and I've been up since 6am, not because I needed to be but more because today was the Basso and Brooke show and ever since my student days I've idolised this design duo. Through bleary eyes I checked my ticket on the tube only to realise I was actually front row! Alongside the likes of Amber Rose, fancy!
It's interesting to watch how designers change, not only as they progress but also how the economic climate effects their season
This was the most wearable season of Basso and Brooke I have ever seen and though they have bowed to commercialism, they have in no way compromised their designs.
Tones were more pastel and calm, starting with pistachio and moving into beige, cream and taupe tones. The prints felt very 'vintage' and almost distressed, comprising of antique florals, book pages, lettering and maps. They felt quite distressed at times, like they had been found in long forgotten treasure chests. Combining digital print with vintage stylings rather than the 'futuristic' look the technique has become famed for.
Dresses and skirts were short and flirty, favouring skater and shift a-line styles that have been popular everywhere this week. Shift dresses had postbox cut outs at the neck and printed chiffon shirts were tucked in and buttoned to the neck. There some great printed trenches, in ochre and black and like Grachvogel, Basso and Brooke played with a pleated/draped sleeve head.
Trousers held darker and more subdued prints, an almost distorted, wide, monochrome stripe and I loved the wrap and pleated front styles, Chic and modern.
The collection felt eclectic, yet well put together and the calming and muted based tones were popped with electric blue, orange, red and yellow.
I loved the chiffon jumpsuits and the just above the knee skater skirts. Commercially viable but by no means boring, it feels like Basso and Brooke will attract a host of new fans with this look.
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  1. Im sorry bt i am jealous i wish i went to this show

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