Sunday, 19 September 2010

Louise Amstrup

Louise decided to go for sexy bee keeper chic, with a touch of safari glamour. The colour palette started with refreshing tones of camel and cream that moved into several shades of blue from cold and icy to damn right stormy!
Prints were strong, true to Amstrup form and made me think of stormy weather, blown up, swirly and strong in tones of orange, red and yellow on grey, blue and cream bases. The collection showed a host of asymmetric dresses, that borrowed the shift form but draped beautifully at the front creating ripples.
While there were plenty of loose over coat style shirts, there were also some voluminous trench coats, cinched at the waist with a belt.
I loved the body con dresses and skirts that were exaggerated in their fit through seam details and fabric panelling choices. Asymmetric skirts showed off one sided, mini, structured peplums that caged out and added detail. The cropped leather/suede bomber in ice and light navy blue was definitely a fav piece.
The fabric choice of leather, suede and silk chiffon combined hard and soft perfectly.
Louise has a strong design signature that came through in this grown up and chic collection. Put us down for a chiffon scarfed bee keeper hat!
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