Saturday, 18 September 2010

Betty Jackson

Now I know everyone's eyes should be on the fashion but I just couldn't help noticing the model who stumbled in her wedges, the strap comes loose and she tries to fix it, her leg gets caught in the handbag strap. To make matters worse, she doesn't realise and as she ditches her loose wedge, she continues down the catwalk.. One shoe on, one off and the handbag strap still wrapped around her thighs. EEEKKK. However, she did continue walking very well and returned in a more sensible pair of wedges and NO handbag.
Back to the fashion, the show started with really bright lighting, probably a bit too bright but with a starting palette of mushroom and khaki it worked. There were many textures with fine knits, gabardine, cottons and Betty Jackson worked them well by teaming them together e.g woven knits with satin skirts and merino knits with silks. The clothes began easy and free flowing with fluid trousers with soft pleated detail, a-line skirts and dresses with little cap sleeve and loosely fitting blazers that were belted at the waist but keeping in tune with the army feel. Fringing was all over everything from trousers to cropped jackets and looked hot! Drawstring details were added to jackets and tops to create a more feminine silhouette. Moving on from an army feel, colour was injected into the collection. Acid greens, turquoise and rose pinks were displayed through digitalised prints. One particular one was of birds, I think seagulls to be precise and gave a tropical hawaian look. Toning it down again and taking it a tad more classy in contrast to the sportish look, there were frock coats, layered with feathers creating a more softer look contrary to the fringing. This also took shape in a pair of trousers taking feathers to the extreme but looking oh so hot!
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