Friday, 19 February 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout - Ones To Watch

Eudon Choi
This collection brought together urban chic, with simple minimalist make up and strong eyebrows. The collection was in soft browns, creams and greens.
The leather jackets carried such attitude due to their high collar and definite shape. The parkas and coats were long in length with leather buckle strap detailing as a fastening.
This was all contrasted with beautifully tailored pieces with contrast panelling and padded shoulders.

David Longshaw
This collections brought an 80's influence due to a circular print in brown tones which was lifted with accents in an electric blue.
Shoulders played an important part, with them being the focus in stunning boleros and high shoulder pads.
Strong contrast panelling made the collection really strong and dramatic, but this was soften with pleated chiffon draping on across the body.
The hair was sleeked back given this collection a meticulous finish!

Featured both men and womenswear, we were wowed with beautiful knitwear in soft pastel tones of browns, pinks and creams. The knitted jumpers were embellished across the shoulders with small shimmering shapes that looked like little pieces of porcelain. The knitwear was contrasted with neutral toned suede leather. The leather dress had panels of chiffon with string detailing, giving an edwardian and bondage characteristic!

Florencia Kozuch
South American hats were worn against chunky knit cardigans with thick black leather belts, that featured a horn in the middle.
The knitwear was a 'candy floss' appeal due to its soft and weightless character that made it so delicate!
The collection was very feminine and lady like, with tailored dresses, exposed at the back and formed shoulders.

Ones To Watch put on an amazing show, and these designers are truely ones to watch...

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