Friday, 19 February 2010

Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie Le Mindu impressed yet again with a collection of 'couture creations' made of real human hair, inspired by cults and religious secrets. The collection featured a lot of religious crossed that were worn on the tops of the models heads, making a definite statement!
Black and navy were the prominent colours, adding a depressing and macabre mood, but this was lifted with accents of aqua and green and blue glitter!!
The hair was dyed to look like feathers, with tones of greys and blacks. The hair was created into the most beautiful coat, that was edged in an aqua coloured fur. Stunning!
The hair was long, black and straight, draping over the body whilst set against lace underwear and leggings. The hair was formed into very dramatic headpieces (one just like the beefeater!) Making this show unforgettable, and an amazing start to London Fashion Week!

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