Sunday, 21 February 2010

John Rocha

Celebrating John Rocher's love of contradiction, this collection focused on the boundaries between fragile, strong and tender.
The collection was very textured with layered leather pleats in full dresses and gathered chiffons. The models wore tall black hats covered in soft chiffon, continuing with the textured theme and the strap that went under their chin was similar to that of a riding hat.
A lace pattern was laser cut onto black felt and created into the dramatic A-line dresses, this was combined with accents of leather and cut out knee leggings..amazing!!!
They were chunky knitted dresses worn with knee high socks and cycling shorts, with a bit of skin poking through, this looked fab! The attention to detail was to perfection and this ran through to the knee high creme socks that had small black bows, adding a girlie touch to the 'tough' outfits.
The furs and leathers on both mens and womenswear were unfinished at the edges, creating unusual shapes and statement pieces. The men wore bowler hats, chunky knits and well tailored suiting. The textural theme ran through to creating oversized waistcoats in the fur and layered pleated leather, which were worn over shirts and blazers. Emphasizing the contradictions he was trying to make.
The collection, has to be one of my favorites for Fashion Week so far!

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