Sunday, 21 February 2010

Topshop Unique

This was the woodland version of Shakira's Shewolf- quite literally!
The hair was wild and unkept, the make up was natural and dewy and the eyebrows...unforgetable!

The models walked on a bed of rustic coloured leaves wearing headpieces with ears, noses or antlers depending on which animal they were.
The clothes were all about comfort and layering with chunky knits, jersey and beauty coats. The snug feeling contined through the collection with cable knit thigh high socks and furry mittens, looking more like paws!
The colours were earthy with greens, browns all lifted with creams and pinks. The shoes were sturdy lace up boots decorated with fur, continuing with the theme.
The collection featured trousers, bungarees, amazing dresses that hugged the waist and flared out over the hips. The coats were stunning and had small draping bustles at the back, which sat beautifully.
The collection has made us more excited abouy winter again. It's looks so cosy, warm and loads of fun!

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