Sunday, 21 February 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Todd Lynn

I've been wanting to see Todd Lynn for ages, so I was super excited to see the show and the king of rock and roll didn't disappoint.
The collection slotted nicely into the trends we've seen emerging this week. There was plenty of leather, wool and fur combined to create garments that were both futuristic, structural and warrior like. The tailoring was exceptional, particularly the wool and leather panelled trench coats with back vent, pleat and button detailing. 

Trousers were skinny and occasionally worn under mini leather skirts.
The menswear was again extremely tailored and mixed leather panelling into wool jackets. 

Biker jackets were a main feature for the womenswear, often with asymmetric fronts, piping and stitch seam detailing that created extra structure. Fur was used in full thickness, fox toned pieces adorned collars in all its lustre. Even the fur however was manipulated to create strong shoulder lines and sometimes only forming half a sleeve, with a leather skinny sleeve emerging from within. 

Laser cutting was again used to create strips of leather that were woven into architectural bolero structures again giving the appearance of armour. The muted palette of earthy tones (chocolate, grey, black and dirty silver/bronze) ensured that all eyes lay on the attention to detail of each piece. The cutting was superb and so far my favourite of fashion week.


  1. "Trousers were skinny and occasionally worn under mini leather skirts."

    Uh, why wear a skirt if they're going to be wearing full-length pants under it? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  2. it's an alternative to leggings hun, it's called seeing a trend and developing it and gives the illusion of a tunic length.


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