Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Nottingham Trent

This was to be a biggie. With 24 students to show I definitely needed to pace myself!
Samantha Bern's collection of soft silk and chiffon seperates was calming, well constructed and detailed. Pleat fronted, full trousers with sheer shirting with a ditzy, floaty print that reminded me of dandelions was grey on a cream base. A pleated front shirt jacket floated effortlessly down the runway and the turn up shorts looked totally elegant.
The grey toned palette added to the calming nature.

The knitwear at Nottingham was excellent. Emma Philpot's collection of crochet knits in grey and red were so well crafted. There were cowl hems, pomcho style tops and body con dresses. It balanced interest and commercial ability well.

Martha Ingle was the first menswear collection to show and I loved the kaleidoscope effect print. It was very sports chic and the hoodies and slim leg trousers made them look like action men. It was an interesting print but still really wearable.

Tiffany William's menswear focused on knit and was slightly more out-there. Knitted tunic boys? Or how about a jumper dress? I loved the woven in gold to the chunky raised knits.

My favourite collection came from Heewon Park which combined cobweb knits and stitching detail on chiffon. Velvet pleating and chiffon, sculpted knit panels on sleeves and embellishments in pale green, black and cream.

There were strong leather pieces from Thalia Goodwin and striking marble explosion prints from Jenna Harvey. The show ended with Shinsuke Mitsuoka's fetish inspired pieces in high shine black, massive silver, Gaga shoulders and draped chains. Fetish has been key in the students show and Nottingham offered a contemporary if not tinged with space version.

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