Thursday, 17 June 2010

Editor @ Large . . . Shoreditch House - ROOF

Sometimes the perks of my job make it ALL worthwhile. Monday was one of those nights.
Having caught the De Montfort graduate Contours show (more of which another time) it was a race against time to get to Shoreditch House for FASHBASHSOUNDCLASH as we were told the guest list was pretty chokka and it was a night not to be missed.

(The roof)
Used to nights in the Biscuit Tin room, I hadn't counted on being able to party the night away on the roof.

(Jeffrey Michael Designs and Mia)

By the time we arrived it was already pretty full and after a fruity cocktail we were to network.
Catching up with friends, drinking and dancing, the night was in full swing.
As the DJs pumped out tunes we danced on the faux green grass dance floor!

One of the DJ's
(DJ Nikki's amazing Louboutin flats!)
DJ Nikki is the Sound Clash to the Fash Bash (Wale) and she was definitely knocking out the tunes, with live performances during the set from artists like Lingo Scott - Didn't know this guy before tonight, but I'm off to find out more, he was wikid.
We couldn't help notice that Nikki was a pretty snappy dresser! Check out those studded Louboutins!

(DJ Nikki's amazing headphones!! - will she have light up ones for Glasto?)
Overheard: Jeffrey Michael Baker - light designer / costume genius chatting to Nikki about lighting up her ears!

(The girls from Idol Magazine and Isabel 'Vogue Intern' on the end in white)
A party is no party with out girls to dance with! During GFW RANDOM met IDOL mag and we've been together dancing ever since!
Isabel on the end works for the amazing stylist Catherine Stockdale and is one crazy dancer!

(Isabel in a stolen pair of specs) - don't she look cute?!

(The view from our bed)
Now if you've not been to the ROOF! Well let me tell you it's amazing. There is an outdoor pool with loungers, a covered area that resembles a beach bar shack and then on the patio there are BEDS! YESSSS BEDS! The view from which is amazing! All the concrete jungle of London's East End looks like lamps!!
We all snuggled on the beds under gas lamps and rugs to keep warm!

Idol Mag's Bianca, Lingo Scott (who was in the middle of a set!) and yes Isabel!
Bianca and Isabel met last week at GFW and move in together in a week, yes grad fashion week can change lives!! These two crazy party girls need their own show. You've seen 'The Hills' meet . . . 'The Smoke'

(Dj Nikki with Isabel) two cool chicks!

Well, that was a hell of a night and as we departed I realised that Shoreditch House is cool because its totally unsnobby. While everyone does seem to have money (drinks are expensive!) there are no extensions in sight! Dungarees and no shoes are just as welcomed as the latest mini and heels!

I want to live on the roof!!

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  1. Hey Darling,
    Thanks so much for covering our party!
    Thanks for coming and making it a great night
    DJ NIKKI xx


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