Thursday, 20 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shooting day 2!

As if Day 1 was not stressful enough, Day 2 was totally mental!
Having had a couple of dresses 'walk' off the shoot, I spent the morning fretting, yelling and generally flipping out - Diva strop!

Following a calming cup of coffee I got straight to work and started organising my looks for the day. Before long it was 11am and the outstanding 'Flawless' dance troop arrived.

They had been the talk of the set yesterday and with everyone not sure what to expect, we were pleased that Flawless were not only 'flawless' dancers, they were also total gentlemen, with impeccable manners and warm personalities. 

Once they were suitable 'Puma-ed' up, they headed into make up and the whole team got dizzy with excitement. 
With thumping music in the studio we watched the boys have constant and recurring dance-offs with one another! It was the best live entertainment and before long we were all throwing down the gauntlet and throwing some shapes.

The boys were great in front of the camera and as we all took plenty of pics and vids, they loved to watch the videos back too!

Post shoot I got to interview the boys which was amazing! 
I really put them on the spot but got some fab answers and was really pleased with the answers! We talked about their upcoming role in the first UK 3D Street Dance film and their upcoming trip to Hong Kong!

Check out the Flawless pics and Vids!

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