Thursday, 27 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Let's Shoot THE RUSKINS

I can't give anything away but the full shoot and exclusive interview with THE RUSKINS will be available in RANDOM MAGAZINE in October!

The shoot happened on a sunny Sunday morning in South London home previously shared by the band. The garden was some what unkempt and the filthy bbq was given an airing as lunch was done rustic style! 
Many cans of beer were consumed! Including a mouldy one (but you will have to check out the full interview for all the real goss! And why the Ruskins made this editor cry!

Aemen of Ruskins fame starts to give TOMO a run for his money with his up-close and personal photography.
The Boys sitting on some of their paraphernalia collected from the streets of London

The famous Ruskins logo!


  1. OMG this is sooo cool! Me and my friends love The Ruskins - can't wait to see the full thing in Random


  2. hahaha cant believe they have nicked all that stuff from the street hilarious


  3. OMFG wicked well jealous, going to the ruskin gig on saturday nite cant wait

  4. Ruskins Ruskins Ruskin Ruskins!

    Wheres this saturday gig|?



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