Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Identity Solved

I've been told that apparently I don't do 'branding' very well.
Which I suppose is because, shockingly, though I could most definitely talk for England, possible a small - medium sized continent, I actually am rather shy.
I dislike being in front of camera's, hence why it's normally Bleu, or some other poor unsuspecting person that I snap as evidence of work, rather than pop into the pic myself. However now in the name of all things blog like and fashion, I am coming clean and revealing my identity, all be it still without the picture, after all I can't divulge everything at once!
So who is Roving Reporter and why does she get the inside scoop?

Real Name: Rivkie Baum

Job: Fashion Stylist / Fashion Journalist and most importantly, the
Editor at RANDOM MAGAZINE, the best and quirkiest fashion/art magazine around.

Favourite Past Time: Finding Fashion Scoop and gossip, tracking trends, sourcing new designers and watching runway shows!

Well there you have it, I am Roving Reporter and I shall continue to Rove and Report, but now I'm no longer CID, I'm laid out bare in my fashion threads!

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