Friday, 21 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . FrankMusik

As if Flawless wasn't exciting enough, my current fav male music artist 'Frank Musik' was also dropping by for Random Magazine's October issue shoot
Barely taller than me (and I'm pretty little), Vince (FrankMusik) whizzed into wardrobe from nowhere and proceeded, like everyone else to get himself into some fabulous Puma and Alexander McQueen for Puma gear. To seal the deal, playing on Frank Musik's DJ skills, we added some WESC head phones (my latest obsession) at around £100 a pop they are not cheap, but the popping colours and cartoon prints mean that any DJ worth their decks should be sporting some.
Frank Musik had the task of rocking are 'Punk' scene, (my favourite of the day as it channeled my inner 'wild child').
We had an hour and half to get him shot and though I think we pushed over the time limit just a bit, we managed to grab a quick interview too, where Vince told me how he was continuing to tour this current album before jumping back into the studio to bring us some pumping new tracks. Along side this, he is also remixing for One Republic - can't wait to hear that!

I had the pleasure of ensuring Vince looked his best, having worked out the look before he arrived there was little to do but ensure his jeans didn't full down when he had his arms up, oh well perks of the job!

Check out the pics!


  1. Frank Musik is hot and sexy and his music is awesome.

  2. Oh so very very true! :-)


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