Friday, 21 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Post Shoot . . . Let's Party!

As the shoot drew to a close, I was delirious with excitement.
Grabbing some dinner I headed straight to the Puma / LCF / ASOS party at Carnaby Street! (I spotted Henry Conway, Jodie Harsh, Speech Debelle and Nate James were rumoured to be there, Sway and obv Flawless and FrankMusik)
I heard the party starting from Beak Street and new it would be a good one! 
As Gavin, the PR waved me into the room I grabbed my first celebratory glass of wine and headed for a chat with members of Flawless who told me about their stunning entrance to the party (their car was hit by a huge lorry! much to the delight of the paps!) Luckily no one was hurt and the boys were in high spirits and looked itching to dance!
I managed to squeeze more information out about their up coming film, which was actually cast before BGT! We chatted about Hong Kong and the shopping as the boys are heading over their and I'm still so excited! Flawless are so Flawless!
Later on we had a bit of a boogie and I was told to simply find my natural rhythm! Apparently the last thing the boys want to see in a club is a girl attempting to break dance so we can all breathe a sigh of relief! 
The best part was when the bar man suddenly body popped and although I don't think Flawless will become '11 men' anytime soon, they were most definitely impressed!

FrankMusik was the DJ for the night and as he finished, we all made arrangements to head over to watch him play the 1yr birthday gig of Gold Dust at Hoxton Bar and Grill. 
Though I was now definitely worse for wear I was well up for hearing FrankMusik live!

We eventually made it and boy was it worth it, we are all now total FrankMusik fans, he was AMAZING live! and if you haven't seen him live check out his myspace
for dates! It's a must see! Loved 'Better of As 2', 'Confusion Gir'l and his version of 'Please Don't Stop the Music' was awesomeness! We even got post gig sweaty hugs! What more could you ask for! The whole show was fab and this boy is like Calvin Harris but a million trillion billion times more fantastical! 
We are all totally devoted FrankMusik fans now at Random! So Vince, your record sales just shot up as we all downloaded! 

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