Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Editor @ Large . . . Shooting!

Today was the day that the 'Faith, Religion and Belief' Issue of Random Magazine has been gearing up to!

Picture the scene . . .
2 studios, 1 large, 1 small
6-8 MUA's
8+ Hairstylists
5 people in wardrobe &
20+ modelsThere is only one phrase for today . . . 'Organised Chaos!'

I rocked up just a bit to nine and set my team setting up the stock. At around ten the main bulk of the garments arrived and as we loaded boxes upon boxes off the back of the truck, it felt like it would NEVER end!Setting up, hanging and unloading was a nightmare, but fairly contained, however as the day got on the place got more and more hectic! Clothes strewn, models falling over each other and me in the middle trying to remain (but failing to be) a calming oasis.Today's celebrity was hot new singer, 'Steve Appleton' (STEVE'S WEBSITE) who like Random Magazine is tres hip in Japan right now, so this one's for the Japanese.
He was totally chilled, boy next door, surfer-style look and as he chilled with the masses, chatted up the female models, we tried to organise everything as smoothly as possible, after all he had to scatter at 3pm.

Disaster struck when the camera conked out so I took the opportunity to grab Steve Appleton for a chit chat, and learnt how to be a proper video reporter, with a microphone and everything! After several takes (weather change, noise etc - none of the takes were my fault!) we headed back in to find we literally had 5 minutes to get the shot! Naturally we did it!
Several more looks followed and I soon heard several cheers to signify 'a wrap' for the day!
Jack and fellow MUA posing when they should have been powdering!

(Tomo giving instructions!)

Oh well roll on tomorrow, shooting the second half with loads more celebs!


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