Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Editor @ Large . . . RANDOM shoot DIANA VICKERS!

OMG, what a day! I am totally beyond exhausted!!

(me interviewing Diana Vickers!)
Today we did our big celeb spread and cover for the September Issue and having filled a seven seater car with clothes and one little assistant in the form of the lovely Ella, it was off to ROMFORD!
(Is that a cover shot happening?!)
Why Romford you ask? Apparently its the only place that has a working ice rink in the summer months! Who knew!?
(my assistant Ella practicing skating)
We rocked up and we started to unpack, naturally I took up the most room, I really can't help it, I don't travel to a shoot light!
I had some lovely archive pieces from Jacob Kimmie (see ribbon waspie below)
and then some AW10 pieces from Harriet's Muse, Jaeger Boutique, Next, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Lall London, Ada Zanditon and many more!!
(Diana's skates for the day)
Bling came from a number of independent designers as well as brands like Freedom @ Topshop and TOUS.
(Ella taking pics and Make up artist Martina with her assistant)
I loved all the looks today! We shot Diana on an ice rink, being all glamorous while she had these burly ice hockey places around her all bashed up. It really worked!
(Diana on the bench)
My favourite pieces were the Ribbon Train Waspie Belt by Jacob Kimmie and the skull ring by TOUS.
(I know I said I'd stay off the ice but . . . )
The piece de resistance came from Jeffery Michael Baker Design, who made a bespoke dress for Diana for the cover of RANDOM! In order to see it though, you will have to wait till September!!
(Tomo bossing everyone about!)
Also in the issue my exclusive interview with this perfect pop princess, who calls everyone pet, is gorgeous in the flesh and really sweet!!
(MUA and Hair man! - Martina (or Martini?) and Timmi)


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  1. MARTINI is my new nickname!!! As long as it's not MARTIN...LOL :D


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