Sunday, 4 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . .News Update!

It feels forever since I last blogged, mainly coz I haven't had a. the time and b. picture evidence of what I've been up to, so quite frankly it all gets a lil boring, just words!

Well since we last met I have had a few lil styling jobs. I spent two days dressing mannequins for website shots for Lipsy. Harder than it sounds! As at least with models they can get their own trousers on, however plastic people require a certain amount of floor wrestling to get them into skinny jeans! 

However during day 2 of Lipsy I had deployed my assistant and another stylist to work on a shoot for the August issue of RANDOM, that's right, we ain't finished this one yet but somehow we are organising the next issue! I couldn't go (for obv reasons) but did all the styling before hand and then Mark and my assistant Ieuan dressed Jessica from 90210 on the day. By all accounts she was charming and I was gutted. The pictures look HOT! and we went for a slightly cinematic, glamour feel as it was shot at the Ten Manchester Street Hotel. Everyone said the Jacob Kimmie dress was their fav. But you will have to wait for images!

Next up, Random have to shoot the cover and inside spread for the May issue and this comes in the form of Kate Nash, I've been organising product for weeks and haven't been able to get to my cupboards properly as the garment rail is set up against it! 
The shoot is on Tuesday and yet again I am unavailable but have helped in the fashion direction and know the stylist and our fashion assistants and Tomo will do a great job! Can't wait to here all about it though!

And lastly, next Friday I will be shooting a gorgeous new vodka campaign! There will be body paint, their will be a specially made couture gown (I am toooooo excited!) and there will be behind the scenes pics . . .  I PROMISE! 


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