Sunday, 11 April 2010

Editor @ Large . . . All that glitters is GOLD

When Tomo sat on my sofa and told me all I had to do was find a gold dress, I chuckled. One outfit? Just the one! More used to sourcing up to 200 looks for a shoot with this boy wonder, I thought 'piece of cake'. I forgot two things . . . ONE: That gold dresses are surprisingly hard to find; and TWO: I would only except THE PERFECT gold dress! 

Queue a slight panic as to what the hell I was going to choose!  I scoured dress shops, online rentals and designer sites. There was nothing. There were always those that came close, or were the right shape but wrong colour, but nothing that held the WOW factor.
Luckily, when I assumed Jacob Kimmie, would have an archive gold piece (he did but it still didn't tick all the boxes) he offered to MAKE me THE DRESS! 
When I picked it up on Friday morning, it was PERFECT, exactly the shape I had in my head and the gold was perfect. The JK team had even sourced me some gold leather jewellery to match! 
When I got to the basement studio (bye bye sunlight) it was soooo cold! The team were there and after some coffee we were ready to roll! 
Are amazing make up artist Martina Luisetti, started to paint the model GOLD! and then covered her in glitter! (see above)

HERE IS THE DRESS! I cant show you it on Eva, as I don't want to spoil the final shot surprise! 

The leather gold jewellery! 

Poor Eva, I was cold and I was fully dressed. Here she is with a little heater and a hair dryer being blown on her to keep her warm as they do final make up touches.

Tomo, commanding from above! 

It was an amazing shoot! The shots are going to be out of this world!


  1. when i got home i removed my shoes and socks and i had glitters on my TOES!!!! how did it get there, LOL! tanks for the A-Mazing ;)
    posting a blog on the make up today ;)

  2. sandra bermingham12 April 2010 at 14:23

    I can't wait to see the results....and I love the effect of metalic and glitter imagination is running wild...I just know this is gonna live up to it!!


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