Thursday, 23 July 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Press Days and Goodie Bags

It was my first day off in ages and I fancied a mixture of me time and work, so the perfect solution was to head out to some press exclusive events.
Putting together the new lifestyle section in Random Magazine is my current project, so I'm constantly on the lookout for fabulous goodies to suggest to our readers.
My first stop was Neals Yard Press Event at the Future Gallery. I arrived promptly and not wanting to be the first in I hung back for a bit. When I arrived I was met by a horde of PR girls, who ushered me in to the serene gallery space. Dimmed lights, beautiful aromas and calming sounds greeted me. I was handed a Powerful Berry Smoothie, which was both delicious and healthy - what a combination!

I then got a slot with the 'Brains' who created the range, who spent time talking me through the 'Free Radicals' that live in my skin and how best to fight them. I spent quite a time wondering how it all worked and desperately tried to follow the process, but the bottom line was that the new Berry Power range is both deliciously smelling and will make your young skin gorgeous and beautiful. I was sold on the facial scrub, that was a cross between a jam and a milk wash, with little exfoliating bits in it. 

Post talk I had my skin accessed by an expert, who wrote out a new skin care regime for me, followed by a beautiful hand massage and a look at the Christmas box sets. 
I left skipping into the sun with amazing Neals Yard goodies, to brighten up my skin and destroy those free radicals!

It was evidently the day of the beauty PR's as I went to Miller Harris. Famous for its traditional scents, grown up, incense candles and tea essence.
The event was held at their Bruton Street store and the candles and fragrance released a delicious smell into the room. I was talked through the regular ranges and the Christmas sets, as well as a history of the brand and was even more delighted by my goodie bag of candles, large and small! Perfect present for a girl in need of some relaxation.

The box sets!

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  1. I love neals yard the products are awesome, the new berry stuff sounds wikid can't wait to get some


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