Friday, 10 July 2009

Roving Reporter . . . Catharina Eden @ BBB

Wednesday night saw me swan from shoot to party, this time heading into Fashion's spiritual home of Shoreditch! Felicities PR hosted a soiree to celebrate their latest showroom addition, which came in the form of Catharina Eden's beautiful and girly collection 'Jewelled Spine'.

Having spent the day shooting with photographer Dave Wise and BNTM winner Mercia, I found myself waiting for a rather late Editor in Chief of Random Magazine (Tomo Kembery). When we got to BBB, I caught up with my fav PR girl 'Heels' and her co PR starlets, before heading down into the basement room of Beach Blanket Babylon where the event was being held (BBB - for those kids in the know). 

After one or two drinks, the lights dimmed, the music began and models circuited the room in floaty dresses, with delightful jewelled spines. The collection mixed structure with girlish prints and silk chiffon. Colours were fairly neutral, with navy and green accenting the angelic whites and creams. I especially loved the floral, water-colour styled, prints. So on trend but also just so exquisitely lovely. The other dress that caught my eye was a full length dresses, with a white skirt and a sparkly applique of a little person. Gorgeous, cute and delightful. Well worth dashing across London for!

Several drinks and catch ups later - (It's amazing how much changes in the world of fashion in such a short space of time) I made it outside for a bit of passive smoking, whilst still telling my self I was leaving. 
We gossiped, bitched and generally dissected certain elements of fashion, when I eventually danced off into the night, some hour and a half after my first 'cheerio' - well that's fashion for you darling!

The horse - what was her name again Heels?
This horse has been living in the showroom and somehow made its way to BBB - I'm only gutted I didn't get to watch the lush PR chicks with their high heels and flowing blonde locks attempting to get this gigantic structure to the bar! 

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