Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Roving Reporter . . . The Fashion Show Week 10

It was all about drapery and evening wear. This really put the designers through their paces so this was one of the best runways.
To help the designers through this week they got help from an ex 'show mate'. With some of the lively characters such as . . . Reco, Haven, Angel, Andrew and Keith came back to face those who knocked them out!
This week bitching was at a high as everyone was desperate for a place in the final four.

This weeks Fashion Show was so tense, they had just 15 hours to make a beautiful and fashionable evening dress.
I loved Daniella's steel grey dress and the use of the Swarovski crystals around the interesting shoulder strap was outstanding. Anna was so brave to use floral but it totally paid off!

The bottom two unsurprisingly held Jonny and JP . . . while JP's was just hideous, Jonny knocked off a Lanvin (or as he would say 'it's just very similar'. He pretended not to realise he had done and subsequently blamed his helper Angel, but the truth of the matter was that he isn't a great designer, especially not for beautiful evening wear.

The best moment was when Jonny got found out for stealing Lanvin's design . . . fav Fashion Show moment of all time!
They totally berated him . . . hilarious! Watch the moment of truth below . . .

This week guest judge was the Harper's Bazaar Editor in Chief (US edition) and guess what . . . She is a Brit chick!

As they debated what was worse . . . An ugly dress, which Issac Mizrahi says is the worst fashion crime . . . Or a total Lanvin rip off?

As it turns out Plagarism is worse! Bye Bye Jonny . . . Roll on the final!
Each designer has to make a collection! eeeeek! Daniella to win!

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