Monday, 18 January 2010

Editor @ Large . . . MUSIC VIDEO

Well I woke up to a blanket of white, where had all this snow come from? Yesterday it was nearly gone and then overnight the UK had been sprinkled with icing sugar.
Alex Prinz and myself had to make it to Brighton. Having spoken to hair stylist Simon Webster and lead singer of Eddie (Larissa) I was more determined than ever to make it to the shoot. 
We were shooting the video for Eddie's song Making Up and while I was styling Larissa and the boys, Alex had to play Larissa's on screen boyfriend.
We hooked up at Victoria and waited as the board said 'DELAYED'. We were giving it till 11.30am before admitting defeat but luckily 11.10am saw the train guy call for boarding and we were off. yes we didn't know if we would make it back, but hey I love Brighton I could so do with a mini break!
The train ride was smooth and when we arrived at Off Yer Head salon (the creative base for the shoot) Simon was busy giving a hairstyle that Gaga would've desired!
Liss looked HOT and once we had her in a customised tassel tee and bronze mini short shorts and PUMA McQueen boxing boots, she looked the business. With no make up artist (apparently it's easier to get to Brighton from London than Burgess Hill) Eddie's musical geniuses/management picked up the slack and painted the faces.
The boys wore PUMA McQueen and mainline PUMA and fell in love with their printed tees, hoodies and red PVC jackets. The band were ready to role!
Poor Liss had to walk in the snow in hot pants into a body building/boxing gym of slightly steroid-esque blokes (rather her than me) and the video crew were ready to role!
Check below for the second outfit change and pics!

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