Sunday, 20 February 2011

Charlie le Mindu

Charlie's show was unsurprisingly crammed. After his rave reviews last seasons fashions 'hair' man had a lot to live up and he did not disappoint. The best way to describe the collection was 'Neo Nazi, Lady-like Chic'. Not the usual combo right? The first model was naked and covered in 'red paint'/'blood' and was swiftly followed by models in clear and nude latex and pvc, lace and hair all in muted creamy tones that really emphasised the 'blood' and graffiti on the clothes and bodies. Hair was big and crazy with red dip dyed mohicans and white painted 'army sergeant' hats, with pearl braiding. White hair was used like tassels along sleeve seams and the back of jackets. To add the signature Charlie look. The final piece, an eagle head sculpture that nearly knocked the model out and was distinctly 'scary bridal' as the lace was dip dyed in wet red paint that attacked some of the front row and was truly a master piece. Charlie will surely only increase his hype next year as he becomes one of the London scenes most talked about designers.
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